The Prez Sez…

A Step at a Time

How many steps to finding and doing a frame off auto restoration? Thousands, you really break it down. How many steps has the Willmar Car Club done since its first car show in 1981 and its last in 2017, along with Root Beer and Rides, hundreds of breakfasts, and other activities? Again, thousands when you really break it down. A big thank you to the hundreds of members, who over the years stepped-up to make it all happen.

Steps, moving from where you are to the next ‘thing’. My wife, Wendy, and I recently took a trip to Colorado and Utah. Near the town of Manitou Springs, Colorado was a tourist attraction, Broodmore Falls. It is a series of seven cascading waterfalls. No parking on site, so you take a shuttle bus from another location. At the entrance, you are encouraged to hike the slightly uphill 3/4-mile road to the falls. We did and it was very scenic. About 1500 steps one way to the falls, times two, because we walked back. It is advertised as seven falls; however, they are one just above the other and in a way it looks like one continuous waterfall 181 feet high. A series of stairways will take you to the top.

224 steps, I climbed them all and as I approached the top, I thought of a question a doctor asked me a few years ago at my first Medicare wellness exam, “can you go up two flights of stairs?” Dividing 224 by an average flight of 15 steps equals almost 15 flights. Yep, I can do two flights.

Willmar Car Club is good at steps. Ideas are brought up or breakfasts and thanks to members who step up, make things happen. Hope you can be part of our annual Father’s Day Health Care Visits and June potluck meal/meeting at Dick and Carol Johnson’s on Lake Koronis. Details can be found in this newsletter. We did have to put the New London Food Truck and Trailer shop tour on hold, a new date will be sent out when that decision is made. Hope all your steps take you to where you want to be.

~ Bob

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