What’s New? The Prez Sez…

You might be a car guy if:

Your change at a store is $4.09 and you think of a Chevrolet engine. This happened to me and was the inspiration for this writing.

Nosed and Decked does not mean you have been in a fight. They are terms used by customizers since the late 1940’s. It means removing emblems front and rear. perhaps body work for a smooth appearance.

Someone says something about a ’66 Camaro, and you can’t help but correct him, because 1967 was the first model year.

A fifty-one-year-old Mustang Mach 1 is not an old car. It is a muscle car.

When you hear the 1964 song, “Dead Man’s Curve”, by Jan and Dean, and one of the lines is; “all the Jag could see were my six taillights.” You know the Corvette had a custom modification. Stock ‘Vettes had four taillights.

You know common car terms from the 1960’s. Moons are a type of hub cap. Flippers are a type of wheel covers. (And you know the difference between hub caps and wheel covers.) Smittys are mufflers. A deuce is a 1932 Ford. And blue dots are taillights.

And of course, in February, you are wishing it was May.

What else is new? Jay has been heading up the possibility of new club jackets. He will be on hand with samples, pricing, and order forms. Payment is due when ordering and checks should be made out to the vender, Lake Region Buying Group. More info to come!

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