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Light Bulbs, Also Known As ‘A Better Idea’

The following paragraph was taken from the internet when searching for Ford’s Better Idea slogan.

“In the late 1960’s, ‘Ford Has A Better Idea’ captured the innovative spirit of the company, utilizing a light bulb image. The slogan symbolized inspiration and progressive thinking, highlighting Ford’s commit-ment to pioneering new ideas and technologies.”

New ideas, it is what keeps us active, progressing, and experiencing good feelings when the results are positive. Even negative results can be turned around with new ideas. You may have heard or read, the name WD 40 was given to the water displacement product when the 40th attempt achieved the inventor’s better idea to preform to his thoughts.

My better idea (?) was not to buy light bulbs for my basement workshop. I am for the most part retired, however, during my working years I was primarily involved with home construction. Often with remodel projects, the light fixture along with bulbs were discarded. Well, why throw away a good bulb? The accompanying photo (above) shows my “collection” of bulbs in a rescued fixture in “my” room. I don’t think Wendy would approve to put these in the fixture above the Dining Room table.

With a new collector car season ahead of us, I think it would be great to hear members ideas for 2024 club activities. Included would be meeting locations, breakfast locations, garage and shop tours, cruise destinations, and any other light bulb ideas.

The catered meal for the January 13th meeting at the Historical Society Building was a better idea with 48 members attending. An appreciation plaque was presented to LaNette Bremseth for taking care of the club website for so many years, that we weren’t sure when it all began.

For the past three years we have not had a February monthly meeting and will again begin a regular schedule in March. More information on this next month. However, the February Car Buff’s Breakfast will be at McMillian’s Restaurant on Saturday, the 3rd, Menu orders will be taken a bit before 9:00 am.

Remember, light bulb ideas are always welcome anytime.

~ Bob

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