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How About We Check Out Some Roads?

At one time or another, we have been behind the steering wheel and thought, “I wonder where this road goes?” Wendy and I took a road trip out to Yellowstone and the Oregon/California Coasts this past May. Once I got past the Jamestown North Dakota I-94 exit ramp, I was on roads for 3000 miles, I had not been on before. Although the Rand McNally Atlas showed me where I would be going, many of the side trips along the way offered new pleasant experiences.

The only really disagreeable time behind the Chrysler 300 wheel was returning east on I-80 across Wyo-ming. High winds, heavy rains, road construction, and many vehicles made our overnight stay in Cheyenne a welcome relief. We left early the next morning (a Sunday) and headed north on I-25 to get to Rapid City South Dakota. The drive was a 180-degree difference from the day before. Weather was beautiful, no construction, next to no cars or trucks, and the speed limit was 80 mph.
I set the cruise control at 82 and in 100 miles, only cancelled it once. That was due to thick fog, and a mile later, the resume button was pushed. A very nice drive, you don’t always know about the road ahead.

Willmar Car Club is offering a number of roads in September. On Tuesday the 12th, we have been invited to visit the residents at Bethesda Northpoint Senior Living Center near New London. This facility offers inde-pendent living and assisted living. We apologize to those who have to work that day. Bethesda asked if we could do this during the week. The club will do a 2:30 afternoon coffee visit with collector cars and socially spend 45 minutes to 1 hour with residents viewing and talking about our variety of vehicles. Jay has a bit of a cruise mapped out for us afterward, ending up at the Dick and Carol Johnson home on Lake Koronis, near Paynesville. The Johnsons have graciously offered to grill hamburgers, so if you could bring a salad (on ice?) or a desert, we will be in good shape. check the map and time schedule following Prez Sez.
On Tuesday, September 19th, Gary Hotovec will be leading us and members from the Hutchinson Club on roads northwest to the Wally Kill Collection near Morris. PBS Pioneer TV did a 5-minute segment on this, and you can see what he has by doing an internet search. Type in “Wally Kill- Classic Service Station and Collec-tion”. More information on this is included with the above.

1st Street South in Willmar will take you to McMillian’s Restaurant on Saturday, September 2nd for Car Buff’s Breakfast. 9:00am and we will be ordering off the menu.

Take the road to New London on Saturday, September 16th for our sixth annual Root Beer and Rides at Country Stop A&W. A no fee Cruise Night with music at 4:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 21, Litchfield Ave. in Downtown Willmar is where you will find Willmar Car Club at Jake’s Pizza for this month’s meal/meeting. Arrive between 5:45-6:00pm if you would like to order from the menu for supper. Soup, salads, sandwiches, and good pizzas are available. If you would like to only attend the meeting, we will begin at approximately 6:45.

Hope to see you on the road.

~ Bob

Old Iron Company Garage Tour Photo Link
By Greg Gjerdingen
The following is a link to the photos from the Garage Tour that some of the club members participated in on February 18th.

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