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Where Did You and Your Car Go Today?

I took the title for this month from a Mopar Collector/ Enthusiast website. Most of the entries from Penta Star owners on this subject write about attending shows in their area, cruise night gatherings, going on a drive which could be by themselves or with others, or maybe a test run of a repair or new modification. Of course, readers from the north, at this time of year respond with, “the old Mopar is patiently waiting for dry salt free roads”.

However, even in sloppy road March, we can still go places with our cars (kind of). At our March m eeting, we will finalize the summer breakfast locations. Also, I would like suggestions of where we c an go for the upcoming cruising season. Last year, Tim and Rhonda Zitzmann, showed me a printed one page list of activities the Redwood Falls Club had planned for the year. It is, something for quick reference, maybe official club dates would be
highlighte d, and listed also would be area shows and cruise nights.

Last year, Wendy and I took in some events new to us. The Holdingford Show and Tuesday evening in Henderson come to mind. When you are aware of the dates, you may want to make arrangements with other members to attend.

The next Willmar Car Club gathering to attend is the March 4th Car Buffs Breakfast at McMillian’s Restaurant in Willmar. We had twenty eight people at the February Breakfast. A decision to order off the menu went well. Winter w eather attendance is always a question when setting up these events, so if Mother Nature keeps the numbers down, the restaurant won’t have the work of setting up a buffet. A nice thing about McMillian’s, when we do have a buffet, you can still order a ligh ter breakfast if you would like. Beth Peterson from Lake Region Buying Group was on hand with jacket samples and was taking orders. She also brought a gift of free flashlights for everyone. A thank you to Jay Mork for coordinating new club jackets with Beth.

Someplace you can go with your daily driver in March is Willmar Pizza Ranch on March 16th, this is the third Thursday of the month. In response to a suggestion from an officer/ board of directors meeting , we are going to try a meal/ meeting. The meeting time is 6:00 p.m. We will be in the side room with pizza and/ or chicken first and the March meeting will follow.

Hope can join us, Bob

Old Iron Company Garage Tour Photo Link
By Greg Gjerdingen
The following is a link to the photos from the Garage Tour that some of the club members participated in on February 18th.

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